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Windows Remote Objects (WRO) Protocol v1.0

Well, as many of you know, Telnet is boring after a while ~ seen one you seen almost all of the BBS systems out there. While WRO has been on my agenda for almost 2 decades, here it is 2020, and I am finally implementing it and documenting it. Why did it take so long to get to this point? Well, I have to write my compiler, then write a BBS to implement the protocol output in, then I needed to write terminal programs (Desktop and Web) that could understand the protocol. And of course, doing it in the web, required that my company acquire DOMAPI from Nebiru Software - so I had a Web U/I that was designed somewhat after the Delphi Compiler that I used to develop the Windows Desktop Terminal.

March 15 2020

I have implement almost every ANSI command that I can find documentation on. In doing this, I noticed, ANSI commands ending with “W” as the command character as I call it, do not exist. Since I call this protocol WRO, it is perfect to use the “W” command character as the place holder for a whole SUB-PROTOCOL in side the ANSI sequence. e.g. WRO is built using ANSI ESC [ n ; n ; n W syntax.


Widget # Calling it Description
0 CSI x; y; w; h; zW Creates Window to place Widgets a top
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