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Setup - General - File Paths

File Paths

CodeRunner is the main executable to accept connections and run the BBS and other services. By supplying this path, you are making it possible for the software upgrade script to know where is the current executable, make a backup, and download the latest upgrade as we release them.

BBS Source is the root path for your BBS. These screenshots are from my development machine, and usually represent where I expect to find files current software upgrades.

The rest of the folders are usually sub-folder to the BBS root path. Occasionally, a file is released with hard coded paths - if you use the suggested folder structure - then you will not experience any problems after a system upgrade.

Databases is the sub-folder where the BBS and this setup program will find/store and manage the configurations, users, statistics, etc. All BBS related data are stored in files with the extension .sl3 (SQLite3). I avoided .db, .dat, .bbs so people can simply backup *.sl3 and store all dynamic and session oriented data for their BBS.

General is the sub-folder where the BBS looks for display files. A display file may contain a full path, however, the software was designed to look in the current BBS source folder and the General folder automatically.

Main Rules is the sub-folder where MAIN rules are stored. Including invalid passwords, black listed IP addresses, invalid user names, filtered language for message areas, just to name a few files.

Menu Files is the sub-folder for the system .MNU files. As of Alpha3, the whole BBS work-flow is based upon one or more .MNU files. The very first screen is controlled by login.mnu there are no other hard coded files. This means you can have a BBS that is wide open with no user information and no messages, or as complex as a multi-room citadel.







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