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Rhenium Administrator Documentation


Rhenium is a FidoNet compliant communications server for 16bit DOS environments. Rhenium is capable of operating over PTSN Modems, and VMODEM (Serial to TCP). Rhenium supports both *.MSG and BSO (Binkley Styled Outbound) for message and file exchange. Rhenium has been designed to support the latest communications protocol BinkP/1.1, EMSI, WaZoo, YooHoo, and TSync. Making Rhenium more robust than FrontDoor, Intermail, QFront, etc.

About this documentation

This Wiki is updated every couple of weeks as we continue to test and design the F8 (Fate) version. This document is best viewed in 1024×768 (or higher) resolution.

Version Notation

vF8.Major.Minor - currently denoted as vF8.0.2
+16bit - 16bit DOS (PC-DOS, IBM DOS, DOSBox, etc).
+32bit - 32bit (Linux, Windows, MacOS)
+64bit - 64bit (Linux, Windows, MacOS)

Hardware Requirements

The DOS version of Rhenium will run on most 80386 compatible hardware. The MD5 assembly code requires a 386 or better. Rhenium will not operate on an IBM AT or IBM XT. The hardware is IBM AT-BIOS compatible.

If using an asynchronous modem the device must be capable of sending alphanumeric messages such as “CONNECT 57600”. When operating Rhenium in FOSSIL mode, it is possible to use a FOSSIL drive that emulates a modem in place of an actual modem. Rhenium only issues standard calls to the communication hardware, thus making it possible to write drivers for other types of communications devices.

Self Sufficient

Rhenium rotates the logs a couple seconds after Midnight every day. Producing *.LGZ (it is a zip file using internal ZIP code). By default, Rhenium purges any LGZ that is over 7 days old. Rhenium logs are verbose details of every transaction.

Table of Contents

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