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Menu Commands

All menus are text files and are setup in the following format:

  • command,keystroke(s),security,X,Y,strings
    • Command can be blank if the line is to represent a comment
    • Keystroke(s) can be blank if the command is to auto-execute
      • Case Insensitive
      • No Duplicates in same Menu
    • Security is normally the minimal security level required to see and execute a command.
      • If it is proceeded by = then the security level must match
      • If it is proceeded by ! then the security level must not match
      • If it is proceeded by < then the security level must be less than
    • X is the left column to display, or 0 or blank means where cursor is
    • Y is the top row to display, or 0 or blank means where cursor is
    • string is a parameter for some commands


Descriptions below that are in bold are modules which can be modified (customized) by third-party developers to change the functionality. However, the overall functional feature will stay intact.

Number Description
0 Comment or Auto-Execute
1 Display File in Current Emulator
2 Display String without CRLF
3 Display String with CRLF
4 Default Method to Execute if Input = Enter
5 Show Text Command
Like ShowFile, except these are compiled in Text
7 Telnet to GameServer
Done as a Proxy/Tunnel
8 Execute External Application
Socket Handle as parameter
9 Execute External Application
You specify the whole command line as String Parameter.
It also has limited support for the @codes@.
/usr/bin/python /var/LEGACYX/DOORS/BBSLINK/ LORD 1 @DOOR32@
10 Login Process
User Name, Alias, Email
11 Clear Gosub Stack
Goto Menu File
12 Gosub Menu File
13 Return from Gosub
14 Show Prompt from PROMPTS Folder
15 List/Search User Database
16 New Password
17 Change Password (todo)
18 Change/Set Screen Height
Parameter of 1 for Profile Edit
Any other parameter assumes New User.
19 Change/Set Email Address
20 Change/Set Alias
21 Change/Set Phone Field #1
22 Change/Set Phone Field #2
23 Change/Set Computer Brand or Affiliate Groups
24 Toggle Clear Screen
25 Toggle Expert Mode
26 Toggle Use Alias
27 Toggle Short File Descriptions
28 Toggle Full Screen Editor (todo)
29 Toggle Full Screen Reader (todo)
30 Toggle Small Message Header
31 Toggle User 79 Columns over 72 Columns
32 Toggle Do Not Disturb
33 Toggle Gender
34 Toggle Auto-Rejoin
35 Toggle Erase Prompt
36 Toggle Hotkey Support
37 Toggle Auto Quote on Reply
38 Toggle Jump to Main Menu
39 Toggle Animated Pause
40 Show Personal Mail Scan
41 Show Personal Mail Scan Auto-Read (todo)
42 Do non-Full Screen Single Message Read
43 Do Full Screen Read (todo)
44 List Message Headers
45 List Message Header (TO ALL)
46 List Message Headers (TO USERNAME)
47 List Message Headers (FROM USERNAME)
48 List Message Headers (FROM CURRENT SENDER)
49 Forward Message To (todo)
50 Delete Your Message
51 Search Messages For (todo)
52 Toggle FULL Header (Kludges Etc) (todo)
53 New Message/Post Message
54 Rejoin Previous Conference and Echo
55 Memorize Message # (BOOKMARK)
56 Display Conference List
57 Search for Conference (todo)
58 Display Echo List
59 Search for Echo (todo)
60 Built-in Msg Reader Process
61 Toggle Descending Order (NEW TO OLD)
62 Toggle Ascending Order (OLD TO NEW)
63 Upload A Message (todo)
64 Download QWK Package (todo)
65 Upload REP Package (todo)
66 Show Physical Directory
67 Copy File
68 Move or Rename File
69 Delete File
70 Upload Process (todo)
71 Download Process (todo)
72 Search File Library (todo)
73 Edit Download Batch (todo)
74 New Files (todo)
75 Display Archive Content (todo)
76 Change/Set Protocol
Parameter 1 if from profile editor
77 Load Language #
78 Call Profile Editor
79 Quote of the Day
80 Basic Callers Log
90 Telnet to Doorcloud™
Parameter is address:port,(door #)
Done as a Proxy/Tunnel
91 Search for Echo Process
92 Open Current Message Base, Get Counts
93 Do Animated Pause
94 Search BBS Listing (todo)
95 Add BBS Listing (todo)
96 Delete BBS Listing (todo)
97 Edit BBS Listing (todo)
98 Download BBS Listing (todo)
99 Display About
100 Special Feature Password Prompt
101 Password Protected, chain to Parameter String
102 Font Prompt (todo)
103 Set Emulator to ANSI
104 Set Emulator to ASCII
105 Set Emulator to UTF8
106 Change/Set User Signature (todo)
107 Show WHO is online (todo)
108 Keyboard/Command Stuffer (todo)
109 Execute Questionnaire (todo)
110 View Blog (todo)
111 Post Blog (todo)
112 Search Blog (todo)
113 View Wiki (todo)
114 Post Wiki (todo)
115 Search Wiki (todo)
116 Show Wiki Word Cloud (todo)
117 Show Wiki Group By Month (todo)
118 Page Sysop Chat
119 Comment to Sysop
120 Display Callers Statistics (todo)
121 Display System Statistics (todo)
122 Profile Editor (todo)
123 Goodbye Procedure
150 Change BBS Name
151 Change Sysop Alias
999 Do Logoff Process
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