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There are a couple specifications which conflict with each other. A FILE_ID.DIZ file, is a text file that was developed for BBSes to auto-describe an archive uploaded by a user. Overall, this ASCII file has evolved to now support ANSI. The challenge is, some “scene” groups are publishing FILE_ID.DIZ files which are in excess of any specification I could find. So, I wanted to document here ~ what does Legacy/X BBS support.

  • Up to 45 characters wide per line.
  • For best viewing, it should be limited to 10 lines (per v1.9 of the specifications).
  • However, Legacy/X will support up to 33 lines if our Terminal is being used.
  • Otherwise, you should limit to 23 lines for other Terminals.

Personally, I would prefer that the author(s) use PCB @X color codes instead of embedding ANSI sequences. However, I will eventually embed my own ANSI to PCB translator script in Legacy/X to achieve this since Pablo and Moebius do not export PCB format.

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